They did it. They made me cry. Fucking. No. Al, Ed didn’t create you. The fucking look of hurt on Ed’s face. Fucking stop.



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May I request a gif? The scene in episode seven where crona gets real close to maka when fighting and says their blood is black. ^~^

BONUS, without subtitle:



I’m going to regret this, but any subtitle requests?

stuckundertheworld replied to your post: //Holy. Plot twist. Full Metal Alchemi…

Are you watching FMA or FMA Beotherhood? I watched both but I really perfered Brotherhood more lol.

The regular FMA from 2003. I figured I should start with the original first.

So my fucking internet decided to buffer and freeze at this one point. AND I CAN’T STOP FUCKGING LAUGHIG. IT’S 10:48PM. HELP. ME.

//Holy. Plot twist. Full Metal Alchemist episode 21. Nuff said.

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//So I’m on episode 21 of Full Metal Alchemist (2003), and Berry. Shut up. Don’t tell stuff like that to Alphonse. Now you got him terrified that his brother lied to him. Just. Stop. I’m glad Al doesn’t have a face, or the facial expression would have been heart-breaking.

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Tsugumi just sat there and watched her sleep. She was too afraid to wake her up.

Maka woke up a few moments later, yawning an stretching. Ah kept her eyes closed, silently trying to figure out where she fell asleep.

Tsugumi bit her lip to stifle a giggle and just watched her try to figure it out.

She felt around the table until her mind woke up and fully processed where she was. Maka abruptly sat up and opened her eyes. “Kitchen!” She said happily to herself when she realized she was correct.

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saying to Chrona “Let’s be friends“
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"Wes, how do I get a girlfriend?"

"Huh? Really now? But you’re just a baby! Do you even know what a girlfriend is?"


"Yes.. Blair told me.. and yesterday you told me I’m a big boy. Just tell me."


"Um.. well, you have to be really nice to this girl you like. Be super…

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"My Maka! Are you okay?! I was so so so so worried about you!"
"Yeah, I'm fine--calm down. Could you put Lord Death on?"
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