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42soulsinwonderland answered: Crona and Maka?

Headcanon: Maka can do this to anyone, no matter the weight or body size.

Since I know some of you blokes will be curious about free art submit a request onto this post and I might draw it

"Why?! Am I not allowed to get stronger?!  I hate having to be protected by you, Soul!"


Recommended shows 1/??

↝ Soul Eater 
"People need fear to survive. We experience it so we can grow stronger."


ah you’re watching Soul Eater? I love that show! The way Soul and Maka just [clenches fist] never kiss whatsoever even though they have perfect chemistry


One of the finished AAC commissions, of Soul and Maka being snazzy in their Black Room gear. Which, incidentally, I discovered to be a blatant tribute to Twin Peaks when I looked it up! Something I never quite expected to see in an anime, but I do remember reading that the show was really popular in Japan, so maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised!

Anyway, it was fun to do! Hopefully Soul is recognizable despite my complete inability to render anime hair.


You became cool


i’m so sorry


Look at these boys °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


Get to know me meme: [1/6] pairings → Soul & Maka


♦: Relationship with your Muse.

[[We have a very complicated relationship, tbh. I recently broke her over the summer because of angsty roleplaying — and she hasn’t come back, sadly. She’s slowly starting to reform, but not as much as I want her to.

But like. She’s the original bae. Until this little dork came along and took her place. She literally was a little motivator that I had in my head. And that’s why I miss her so much because she would be like: ‘Hey! Remember you haven’t drank anything today!’ Or: ‘Hey, remember to study for that test in second period tomorrow!’

I guess you could say I was her Crona. That’s the best way I can sum it up.]]